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3 Ps in a Pod: An Education Podcast

Nov 10, 2022

This week of Veterans Day, we’re revisiting an episode from November 11, 2020, when hosts Angelia and Danielle welcomed Dr. Nancy Pratt to 3Ps in a Pod to share about her military experience and how that has carried into her education career.

Then the Director of Instruction and Innovation at Cave Creek Unified School District, Pratt is now the Director of Instruction at Buckeye Elementary School District. But before realizing her interest in teaching, Pratt was a young woman in a Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) military briefing class at Arizona State University, realizing she had something special to offer.

Pratt became a transportation officer stationed at Fort Lewis near Tacoma, Washington. She shares in this episode about the direction she received from her experiences in the military, how her military experience has shaped her education career, and the direct connections between training military officers and working in education with both students and adult learners.

Enjoy this episode on the intersections of military service and educational leadership in this week’s 3Ps in a Pod.

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