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3 Ps in a Pod: An Education Podcast

Nov 11, 2021

Prepare to be reminded of the power of education and joy of learning in this week’s episode of 3Ps in a Pod!

Co-hosts Angelia and Donnie welcome on John Carlo Tulinao, known to his students as “Mr. T,” to this week’s podcast.  Tulinao is a first-grade music and STEM teacher at Amberlea Elementary School in the Pendergast Elementary School District. He is also a 2022 Arizona Educational Foundation Ambassador for Excellence.

Tulinao, originally from the Philippines, shares about how he became a teacher and how he approaches his practice with passion and a vision for community. Tulinao brings an excitement for the power of education and especially for how music can support learning in any subject area. He talks with Angelia and Donnie about how he works to integrate community and fun into his students’ learning. You can watch the video he and Donnie reference in this podcast on the Arizona Educational Foundation’s YouTube page.

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