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3 Ps in a Pod: An Education Podcast

Oct 7, 2021

Lloyd Hopkins is all about creating pathways of involvement for supporters of teachers.

In today’s episode of 3Ps in a Pod, he talks with hosts Danielle and Kathleen about his experience as a classroom aide and how he transitioned his professional focus to support and recognize the work of teachers.

Hopkins is the CEO and founder of the Million Dollar Teacher Project. He began this organization in 2016 in an effort to provide teachers with more support, recognition, and compensation through cost effective, community driven, and easily accessed solutions. Hopkins shares about the variety of programs and support the Million Dollar Teacher Project offers, including catered lunches for teachers, donations of back-to-school supplies, and classroom volunteers. He also shares the variety of ways teachers and teacher fans can connect with the Million Dollar Teacher Project.

Learn more about the Million Dollar Teacher Project at and find the organization on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the handle @mtdproject.

Learn more about the Arizona K12 Center at