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3Ps in a Pod: An Education Podcast

Apr 1, 2021

Today, 3Ps in a Pod hosts Danielle and Angelia welcome global educator Dr. Jennifer Williams to the podcast. Join them as they explore Dr. Williams’ work of using EdTech for global social good and what to expect at Camp Plug and Play 16.0 happening June 14-18, 2021. 

Dr. Williams has taught in both traditional and Montessori K-12 educational settings. She is the Executive Director of Take Action Global, a non-profit organization, and is also a professor who loves working with future teachers in the college of education at Saint Leo University.  

You can hear more from Dr. Williams at the upcoming Arizona K12 Center Camp Plug and Play 16.0. Learn more about that event and register at this link. Our Camp Plug and Play 16.0 is a five-day online learning experience featuring several educators and EdTech leaders.

Learn more about the work of Dr. Williams at and Learn more about all the Arizona K12 Center has to offer at