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3Ps in a Pod: An Education Podcast

Feb 18, 2021

Last week, 3Ps in a Pod featured Dr. Dana Suskind and the research she has done at the TMW Center for Early Learning and Public Health about early language and literacy development. This week, 3Ps hosts Danielle and Mary continue that conversation by talking about local efforts toward supporting some of Arizona’s youngest learners. 

This episode will help build your own understanding of early language and literacy development, as well as provide you with information and resources that are available to the parents and families in your community.

Danielle and Mary reflect on last week’s episode before welcoming Meghan Storms of Southwest Human Development to 3Ps in a Pod. Storms specifically talks about the Let’s Talk Dads! program that Southwest Human Development offers based on Dr. Suskind’s work. She then joins Danielle and Mary in welcoming two fathers who have participated in the program to share their experiences. They describe the Let’s Talk Dads! Program from their own perspectives, how it equipped them to better support their young kids, and the effects they’ve seen on their kids’ development.

Closing out this episode, Mary and Danielle chat with Wendy Resnick of the Phoenix Public Library about the variety of resources available to families of young children.

You can learn more about the organizations and resources mentioned in this episode at the links below:

Learn more about the Arizona K12 center at