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3 Ps in a Pod: An Education Podcast

Feb 20, 2020

Do you know about sketchnoting? In this episode of 3Ps in a Pod, hosts Danielle and Donnie discuss how they typically take notes and what they know about sketchnoting. Danielle describes sketchnoting, also known as “visual notetaking,” as tracking your thinking and highlighting big ideas in your notes. These can include a mix of words, doodles, and drawings.

Then, Danielle and Donnie welcome Sylvia Duckworth, who taught for more than 30 years in Canada, before retiring two years ago and focusing her work on talking to teachers about sketchnoting. Duckworth talks more about what sketchnoting is and the way it can affect learning. Duckworth will also be the keynote speaker at this summer’s Camp Plug and Play 15.0: The Creative Technology Camp for Teachers.

Learn more about sketchnoting and resources to learn more and start implementing sketchnoting in your classroom at

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