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3Ps in a Pod: An Education Podcast

Apr 8, 2021

In what ways are we serving all students in all schools? What does social justice look like in pedagogy? 

Mary and Danielle are digging into those questions with Dr. Gholnecsar “Gholdy” Muhammad on this episode of 3Ps in a Pod. Dr. Muhammad breaks down the four-layered framework as goals for time spent in teaching and learning. She calls us to think about how we can unearth truth and knowledge and not just accept what we think we know. She also calls us to think about how we can leverage criticality and consciousness to provide meaningful and artistically crafted units of study for our students.  

You can hear more from Dr. Muhammad at the 16th Annual Teacher Leadership Institute: Where Curiosity and Leadership Unite online this summer where she will be leading general sessions along with Trevor MacKenzie and Jaime Casap. You can also learn more about Dr. Muhammad’s work in her book Cultivating Genius and at

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