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3 Ps in a Pod: An Education Podcast

Oct 20, 2022

Arizona has been in a teacher shortage for years, and today we explore this issue with Dr. Richard Ingersoll, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and expert on the K-12 teaching force, about what he sees as the foundational issues of this shortage and what steps may help us move forward.

Ingersoll is recognized for his research in teacher turnover and workplace trends and the impact of beginning teacher induction and mentoring. In this episode, he shares with hosts Kathleen and Kathy about what he sees leading to the teacher shortage seen in Arizona and across the country. He reflects on what changes to the profession could reverse this shortage. Ingersoll especially focuses on the impact of induction and mentoring and the need to professionalize teaching as a career.

Ingersoll will be sharing Arizona-based data and reflections at the 1st Annual Arizona Induction Symposium: The True Cost of Teacher Turnover on October 28. 

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